Admissions at BayTown

We at BayTown strive to provide online education at an affordable price to those who enroll with us. We have removed all cultural and geographical barriers through our education format and students around the globe find Baytown University affordable way of earning an online education. 

The BayTown Advantage

Baytown University is very proactive in partnering with other colleges around the nation and the world, at both the undergraduate and graduate level and including military colleges. With BayTown ’s focus on working adults, many of our students begin as graduates of two-year colleges. Through these partnerships , transfer students experience a seamless transition to BayTown .

Two year students who complete their Associates degree from a BayTown alliance college may receive the following:

• BayTown accepts the entire AA, AS, AAS, ABA and other associate degrees and applies that credit to the related bachelor degree
• Guaranteed acceptance to Baytown University with a GPA of 2.0 or better
• Work-life credit: Experience evaluated by the alliance college as part of the related associate degree will be accepted by BayTown and not re-evaluated
• Waived application fee

Featured Colleges


BayTown has alliances with many leading corporations to provide specially tailored continuing education programs


BayTown makes it simple for graduates of two-year schools to transfer their college credits seamlessly


We proudly welcome students who have served or are currently serving our country through the armed forces.