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Discover options for getting in to Baytown University and graduating as a global citizens with the skills, knowledge and aptitude.

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Our students and alumni are doing amazing things with the knowledge they acquired at Baytown University.


We offer a number of scholarships to international students using which they can reduce their tuition fee.

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Explore through 16 academic departments that grant undergraduate, graduate and PHD degrees. In addition, students can be admitted into a number of industry responsive Certificate and Diploma programs.

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Find out how learning from the best, active researchers from around the globe, with innovative teaching methods and cutting edge curriculum can increase your chances of employability, groom you as an individual and improve your professional relevance. Read More.

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Baytown University is a top-rated university because of its excellent online educational system and a competent global faculty, which consists of world - class scholars, practitioners and industry experts with years of technical experience. Read More.

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At Baytown University we give great importance to individual and institutions that refer their students to us. When you become a part of our collaborate Program, you earn great benefits by referring students to Baytown University. Read More.

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We have removed all cultural and geographical barriers through our latest online education format which has enabled students around the globe find Baytown University to be an affordable way of earning an online education. Read More.